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Dr. John Dalton’s discipline of job is type of a lot like Ullman’s discipline of job in The Vivid.

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Director Mike Flanagan knowledgeable BuzzFeed, “We tried to re-invent that as closely as doable, which used to be factual out of eagerness extra than anything else. There’s no right myth motive to withhold out it, but I was like, ‘Why now not? It’s a job interview!'”


The first sanatorium room that we be taught about Azzie the cat dash into (where Dan comforts a demise patient) is numbered “217.”

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Within the guide version of The Vivid, the scary scenes are discipline in Room 217, now not Room 237 like the movie. On the opposite hand, the Timberline Lodge (whose exterior served as the model of The Fail to see) requested Stanley Kubrick to alternate Room 217 to 237 so their future guests would now not be stupefied of their very own right Room 217 (since 237 is a nonexistent room on the Timberline).


Danny Lloyd — who played Danny in The Vivid movie — has a cameo one day of the baseball scene in Iowa.


There are a TON of references to Stephen King’s magnum opus The Sunless Tower sequence. As an illustration, Dick Hallorann tells Dan, “Ka is a wheel,” which is a line straight out of The Sunless Tower.

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The toll road is particularly from The Sunless Tower III: The Raze Lands.


Bradley Trevor’s (the baseball boy) jersey quantity is 19, which is a wanted quantity in The Sunless Tower sequence.

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Within the Sunless Tower books, the hero Roland Deschain starts seeing the “19” all over — as an instance, in names that occupy 19 letters, numbers whose digits add up to total 19, and branches that spell out the numbers.


“Tet Transit” — the name of the bus line Dan takes up to NH — is a nod to the Tet Corporation in The Sunless Tower sequence.

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It be main that Dan arrives on a Tet bus since the Tet Corporation are most often allotment of the “accurate guys” in The Sunless Tower.


And, curiously, the industrial park that Bradley’s body is buried in is owned by LaMerk Industries — one more Sunless Tower company.

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LaMerk Industries is in conflict with the Tet Corporation in The Sunless Tower, so it makes sense they’re associated with the harmful guys here.


You have to perhaps perhaps be taught about posters for the musician Joe Collins, aka Dandelo, who is a creature from The Sunless Tower.

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Joe Collins feeds on the emotions of others, so or now not it’s very appropriate his poster appears to be like where Crow Daddy finds Snakebite Andi.


There are moreover several callbacks to the guide version of The Vivid that by no system made it into Kubrick’s movie. As an illustration, when Dan calls Jack/Lloyd a “erroneous face.”

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In The Vivid guide, whereas younger Danny is looking out for to flee Jack, he calls him a “erroneous face” that the hotel is ~wearing~. That is a pivotal 2nd in the guide on yarn of Jack is readily in a discipline to manage himself and insist Danny to flee.


And when Jack/Lloyd tells Dan to “take your remedy.”

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It be in fact a line yelled by Jack on a pair of events in The Vivid guide, but by no system in Kubrick’s movie.


The Fail to see being destroyed by the boiler is from the guide version of The Vivid as correctly.

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Within the Doctor Sleep guide, there may well be nothing but rubble left of the Fail to see when Dan and Abra arrive on yarn of it used to be blown up on the stop of The Vivid guide.


The Stone family’s apartment has a impress birth air that says “1980” — the Three hundred and sixty five days that Kubrick’s The Vivid used to be launched.

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It be refined, but you can be taught about it in a pair pictures!


When we flash forward to 2019 and Dan is at his AA assembly, he’s wearing a lightweight blue sweater that is the same color as the iconic “Apollo Eleven” sweater younger Danny wears in The Vivid.

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Accident? I contemplate now not.


There occupy been various-colored typewriters worn in Kubrick’s movie; for Doctor Sleep they re-created the tan one.

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For some motive in The Vivid it adjustments color from tan to a roughly blue-gray. For Doctor Sleep they determined to switch with the one they figured all americans would take into accout most.


The model Rose approached Dan on the steps is a total fresh version of Jack forthcoming Wendy in The Vivid.

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Albeit in a roughly role-reversal.


Dan will get injured and limps around on the same leg that his father did in The Vivid.

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Cherish father, like son?


And at final, Jack Torrance/Lloyd goes uncredited in the movie, but he’s played by Henry Thomas.

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Thomas, as fans will know, is a frequent collaborator of Flanagan’s having played the younger Hugh Crain in The Haunting of Hill Home and Tom in Gerald’s Game (ANOTHER King adaptation!).

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