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The Rabbit, Unicorn, Alien and Lion get rid of the stage for his or her strongest performances of the season, leading to extra extraordinary guesses and one emotional show.

While you had been hoping “The Masked Singer” would steady combine the rest eight singers into one whisper cherish we had been, welcome to the frustration educate.

Handiest 4 of them took the stage this week, that method the identical for subsequent. After that, though, they maintain to carry the six left onto one whisper, upright? In any other case, or no longer it is steady going to procure worthy extra ridiculous.

Oh who are we kidding, we will tranquil detect. And we’re no longer alone as Fox steady renewed “The Masked Singer” for a second season after it emerged as the no 1 aloof whisper of the total 2018-19 season in the coveted 18-forty 9 twelve months-veteran demographic. Clearly The usa wants this form of silliness in its world upright now.

To pad some time, all 4 of tonight’s masked singers took to the stage collectively for a stress-free get rid of on Imagine Dragon’s “On Top of the World” — which became an absolute hoot — and they also every brought out a aloof clue in the assemble of an merchandise.

Nonetheless while Rabbit, Lion and Alien all had compelling solo in that team of workers portion,Unicorn showed up late and only sang in cohesion with them. Is this because she’s no longer as robust of a singer?

Attain on, Tori Spelling, mediate in yourself! Is that you?

One enormous swap we seen this week as we did procure a itsy-bitsy bit bit of breathing room is steady how worthy stress-free all people is having. The panel is having an absolute blast seeking to resolve out who these other folks are, and Prick is upright there with him.

Seeing that rising chemistry is barely going to aid this whisper’s success as this is in a position to per chance well well also be as worthy about playing their buffoonery because it is about the celebrities and guesses.

Any other time, the weakest performer of the night bought the boot, nonetheless we will draw you energy thru the gruesome (and barely upright) guesses for all people earlier than we show who it is. We develop this because we adore … to torture you.


Many of essentially the most up to date equipment became about how he’s a trickster, nonetheless there became imagery of him disappearing, and asserting “bite on this” at a restaurant counter serving Brooklyn pizza. what that method!

“Now I’m thinking chef,” Jenny mentioned at the pizza clue, while Nicole jumped on the disappearing to yelp, “Or no longer it is a magician.” Hmm, we’re tranquil thinking Joey Fatone, females. He dabbles in sleight of hand and became born in Brooklyn, so every of these clues fit.

Contestant: “Out of the box”

Judges: “OMG A BOXER”

Contestant: “Magic”

Judges: “OMG A MAGICIAN” #TheMaskedSinger pic.twitter.com/81EOp4M1YV

— Rachel Garman (@rachelegarman) January 31, 2019

His merchandise clue became a magician’s equipment which he mentioned became one more method he likes to provoke an viewers, that method no longer the principle method. , cherish being Joey Fatone of *NSYNC.

Now we maintain bought so many clues we desires to be definite by now, upright? Rabbit labored at an amusement park in his youthful years, chanced on safety in a team of workers nonetheless felt it stifled his individuality at instances.

We additionally bought all these *NSYNC clues from him literally asserting he veteran to say “in synch” to asserting, “Or no longer it is gonna be me.” And then some hot dogs imagery if truth be told has us pleased, even though Fatone has come out and publicly denied it to Rachael Ray. We think he lyin’.

Fatone labored at Universal Studios out of highschool and opened a hot dogs restaurant in Orlando. And the method about the aloof Interne clue from the whisper’s legitimate page: “He’ll play the game for you if the price is upright.” Y’all know Fatone hosted “The Be aware Is Correct” are residing whisper in Las Vegas in 2010, upright?

Enact we even need to abet guessing here? If it ain’t Fatone, or no longer it is any individual who’s stealing his existence!


We’re tranquil struggling to nail down the Unicorn in accordance to the litany of clues we now maintain gotten thus some distance. Final time, she suggested us she misplaced her sheen, which bought the panel thinking Denise Richards as an ex of Charlie Sheen. She additionally exuded mannequin habits and felt victorious.

Beforehand, we discovered she grew up in “one among the richest neighborhoods” and had been suggested she wasn’t righteous of her success in some unspecified time in the future of her profession. She would now not appear to be a talented singer, so we now maintain been leaning somewhat inspiring on Tori Spelling.

This week’s equipment published that performing in front of different folks has always been her supreme misfortune. She additionally admitted to struggles with low self-adore, making this whisper a assemble of inch treatment for her.

Add crafting hints a reference to cartwheels and her declaration that, “I’m happy with the hills where I come from. May per chance presumably per chance per chance these be the Beverly Hills you grew up in and that whisper you starred on? The get clue indubitably didn’t aid because it mentioned she became class of ninety three, and Tori became born in ‘Seventy three, which build her in the class of ‘Ninety one.

Nonetheless, and here is the rub, when did her “90210” personality Donna Martin graduate? That episode aired in 1993. Tricksy tricksy, nonetheless we seek you!

Pointless to issue, “the hills” quote bought the panel thinking she became from “The Hills,” so we bought Kristen Cavallari and Lauren Conrad to boot. Finally, she mentioned one thing and they also’re laser alive to in every particular person clue they procure.

Her merchandise became a typewriter, which fully suits that she’s written loads of bestselling books. Plus, she’s published a guide known as “VicTORIous,” which fit one more clue. And did we mention Tori Spelling, a infamous crafter, became the host of “Craft Wars” on TLC in 2012. Yeah, we’re somewhat worthy willing to lock this one in, too. And Ken Jeong is upright there with us.

Furthermore telling, she chose Icona Pop’s “I Admire It,” which featured no solo parts, giving her the safety and comfort of backing vocals in some unspecified time in the future of. That is a signal that she is struggling in conjunction with her self-self assurance, which suits with what she’s mentioned earlier than and her story over time.


What we already know is that Alien comes from a blinding well-known family and has loads of sisters. There is reference to the number 5 in the case of them, and the reality that she became somewhat younger when the family carried out their status.

She took offense to the panel no longer thinking she became a talented singer and she is if reality be told exiguous in stature, which has had us thinking LaToya Jackson for weeks now, and we’re only rising extra assured.

This week, she talked about how worthy she’s playing the anonymity of the camouflage, no longer being bothered continuously, which has been a burden LaToya shared in conjunction with her well-known siblings for her total existence.

We legitimately died laughing when she mentioned, “Rising up I always craved the easy existence,” and the panel didn’t disappoint. “Is that Paris Hilton?” Nicole asked, with Jenny rapid countering, “No, or no longer it is Nicole Richie.”

Congratulations, you well identified a tv whisper and its stars. Nonetheless then Alien mentioned, “That is hot,” and damn if that wasn’t Paris Hilton’s catchphrase encourage in the day.

Is she playing us for a fool? She’s tranquil method too tiny to be Hilton. Nicole? What’s going down, we’re dropping our minds and starting to sound cherish the panel. Ship aid!

The get clue suggested us “she’s a whiz at interplanetary paddle,” which maybe references her time in Unique York with Michael Jackson while he became filming “The Wiz.” And then there’s the snakes. Yow will detect a range of photos of LaToya with these in conjunction with a classic Playboy shoot in 1989.

Okay, we’re encourage on target. Whew, bought a itsy-bitsy bit dodgy for a second there.

Her revealing merchandise became a Muncie police badge and … oh, oh, LaToya is a reserve police officer with the Muncie Police Department! Bringing out the right badge will maintain been too worthy, though, as all people is aware of the Jacksons are from Indiana, and without note Nicole nailed the family and Robin singled out LaToya earlier than she talked herself out of it and went with Paula Abdul.


We’re tranquil somewhat assured we now maintain bought this performer on lock. We already know she comes from Hollywood royalty with a range of women, and that she’s politically though-provoking. Throw in a “Gold Found in Hailey” newspaper headline from a previous equipment and we’re all nonetheless definite.

This week’s equipment seen the Lion disillusioned that Nicole didn’t mediate in her issue, asserting that being on stage became her destiny and by golly if Robin didn’t scuttle upright encourage to excited by Destiny’s Minute one.

She additionally mentioned she wanted to be a “mannequin of courage and vulnerability,” which bought them thinking mannequin, and she mentioned “Tick-Tock,” too, so we bought the inevitable Kesha wager. Nonetheless she additionally published that “The Wizard of Oz” became her favorite movie, so where are the Judy Garland guesses for that clue, gang?

Nonetheless mostly she looks to be if truth be told offended that the panel didn’t think she became a talented singer, while most continuously confirming that they are upright. She steady desires to sound cherish one. And she did steady that, fully slaying Sia’s “California Dreamin’.”

As some distance as we’re alive to, the online locked it in with its mark: “Her issue will get rid of you hostage.” Howdy guys, develop Rumer starred in conjunction with her dad Bruce Willis in the 2005 film “Hostage.” In most cases it if truth be told is that apparent. And she grew up in Hailey, Idaho. All of it suits!

what wasn’t apparent, or wonderful? Her white scrunchie merchandise clue that she mentioned became a family heirloom. Oh, so she’s a female who uses scrunchies in her hair typically? Colossal. Thanks for that. Maybe or no longer it is a reference to momma Demi Moore’s wacky-yet-iconic ’80s eye?

Potentially her mother’s scrunchie? 🤷‍♀️ #TheMaskedSinger pic.twitter.com/Rct6TmZPq0

— Hιℓℓу (@TNHills13) January 31, 2019

Admire Fatone, Rumer Willis has denied publicly that she is the Lion, and cherish Fatone we will vehemently pick to mediate that she is lying. Every person is aware of celebrities lie typically to conceal the secrets of their projects.


It became no right surprise that the Unicorn misplaced the vote as she didn’t if truth be told say so worthy as develop a karaoke say-a-lengthy to a backing song. Despite that, we hope the whisper became in a position to present her some self assurance in herself and her abilities.

We agree with the panel that this became a advanced preference, nonetheless we develop no longer agree with Robin that Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas is a upright wager at all. Jenny stood by her Lauren Conrad wager, while Nicole went with Denise Richards.

Gabby Douglas??? #TheMaskedSinger pic.twitter.com/6G52VpmSBW

— itsEllemichelle (@ItsEllemichelle) January 31, 2019

Ken poured a range of cherish on the Unicorn earlier than by some means leaping on the upright educate with us and going with Tori Spelling. So he gets to affix our victory lap. And we will head ahead and invite Tori alongside, as she became so sweet and prone in going thru her fears to empower her childhood.

This became essentially the most touching show of the season yet, nonetheless at the identical time we’re starting to marvel if these clues are no longer too easy. We most continuously know all people (or no longer no longer up to we mediate we develop) and there are weeks yet to come encourage. Or no longer it is tranquil going to be very lively, nonetheless they’d per chance well are seeking to be worthy extra cryptic subsequent twelve months.

“The Masked Singer” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.

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