A South Carolina girl evaded a DUI as a result of her unconventional mode of transportation: a toy truck.

A South Carolina girl evaded a DUI after police learned her utilizing under the impact of alcohol as a result of her unconventional walk: a motorized toy truck.

Police pulled over Megan Holman, 25, who was once utilizing in a silver Vitality Wheels truck about one mile from her house, The State newspaper reported. Holman looked to be below the affect of a narcotic or drug while she drove on the aspect road, in accordance with the incident fable.

Police learned her cruising along in the motorized toy truck, which can hit about 5 mph, after receiving a call about a suspicious girl.

Holman told police she rode the toy truck as a part of a scavenger hunt, the State reported. In the incident fable, officers wrote “she wanted to be a talented wrestler indulge in her father and this was once the technique to enact it.”

Facts on her father was once no longer renowned in the incident fable. 

Police arrested her and charged her with public intoxication, in accordance with local media reports. Holman was once launched the equivalent day on a non-public recognizance bond. 

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