Chicago Had to Be Photoshopped Into Kim & Kanye’s Halloween Photo – TMZ

Kim Okay’s Family Halloween Shoot
Chicago Had to Be Photoshopped In …
Alarmed of Dino, No longer of Bugs

eleven/2/2019 2:02 PM PT

Kim Kardashian says her daughter needed to be edited into a family Halloween list ‘device off the kid become as soon as fearful of Kanye‘s costume — but handiest as a dinosaur … no longer a valuable mutant malicious program.

Kim posted just a few decked-out Halloween pics staunch thru the last couple days, and it looks care for the Kardashian-West fam went with “The Flinstones” and worm subject issues this One year. Amusing ample, Kim admits exiguous Chicago needed to be photoshopped into the weak shoot, seeing how she become as soon as apparently timid of pop in the life-size Dino outfit and wouldn’t net advance it.

On the flip aspect … it looks care for Chicago become as soon as ready to drag it collectively for the arrive creepier family list, where every person dressed up as bugs — or as Kim puts it, “West Worms.”

Within the occasion you demand us, Ye looks plenty scarier and extra menacing because the waft/gnat/larva … no topic the hell that’s … versus the lovable Flinstones pet. But, hi there, to a 1-One year-dilapidated … perchance Dino is the freakier ogle. Better no longer establish any Barney on spherical her … factual an provide.

Of the photoshop job, Kim mentioned … “This family pic become as soon as this type of challenge because of Chicago become as soon as so fearful of Dino! LOL We tried to sleek and repeat her that it become as soon as factual daddy but she didn’t net the idea that yet!” She went on to add, “So shout out to the photographer for editing her in & making our family Flintstones desires come true!”

Kim additionally posted a BTS video of her and fam wearing their malicious program outfits — device to soprano Lorna Anderson‘s soothing reveal — and it looks care for Kanye had to grasp Chicago over there too.

Kids, man … gotta care for ’em.

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