Build fifty one is a highly classified Air Pressure Facility rumored to be the government’s hiding exclaim for secrets about aliens and UFOs.

As more than 1 million of us on Fb direct they’re attending a joke tournament to “storm Build fifty one,” the U.S. navy has spoke back to the plans – enticing in case they truly carry out.

Air Pressure spokeswoman Laura McAndrews said in an announcement to USA TODAY that navy officers had been conscious of the tournament that targets to squawk what many participants deem are conspiratorial secrets of the navy set up in Nevada.

McAndrews did not specify any security plans at the injurious, nonetheless she did warn these thinking of coming into the website online.

“The Nevada Take a look at and Training Vary is an website online the assign the Air Pressure tests and trains combat plane,” McAndrews said. “Any strive to illegally earn entry to navy installations or navy practicing areas is harmful.”

Are we alone? Folks are signing up for Fb tournament to ‘storm’ Build fifty one and ‘see them aliens’

The navy’s response comes after about 1.2 million of us spoke back to the satirical tournament as “going.” The Fb tournament, which is scheduled for Sept. 20 from 3 to 6 a.m., says it targets to “see them aliens.”

“If we (N)aruto trot, we can switch faster than their bullets,” the tournament description says, making a comic reference to a Eastern manga persona known for running with his palms stretched out backward and his head ahead. 

Build fifty one, phase of the upper Nevada Take a look at and Training Vary at Nellis Air Pressure Detrimental, has been the matter of conspiracy theories that direct the U.S. navy is housing secrets about aliens and UFOs.

The Nevada Take a look at and Training Vary “affords the warfighter a versatile, real looking and multidimensional combat-quandary to behavior sorting out tactics pattern, and developed practicing in enhance of U.S. national interests,” the Air Pressure says on its online page.

The Fb tournament page, which has an further 1 million customers “” within the tournament, has sparked memes and jokes about how the plans to raid Build fifty one might perchance maybe well unfold.

One Fb person, who posted a comic map of the website online that aspects lines of “Naruto runners,” “rock throwers” and “Kyles” to storm the website online, hedged his plans with a message for the navy:

“Hello US govt, here’s a joke, and I carry out now not truly intend to gallop ahead with this arrangement. I enticing thought it might perchance maybe perchance presumably maybe even be comic and earn me some thumbsy uppies on the web.”

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