Dear Abby: Husband pays for half of expenses — and not a penny more – Chicago Sun-Times

DEAR ABBY: I even had been married for seven years and bear two young boys. My husband, “Cliff,” and I derive roughly an identical amount and make contributions equally to our household prices.

It bothers me that if we’re on a household tour, and he’s using my minivan and we derive low on fuel, he’ll win the tank up very most captivating halfway. Furthermore, after we met my buddy unprejudiced no longer too long within the past for a birthday derive together, after we had been leaving the parking garage, Cliff demanded my credit rating card to pay for the parking. (The fee turned into as soon as $thirteen.)

Not like his past girlfriends, I even bear never aged his credit rating playing cards to steal love dresses at costly boutiques. I pay for dwelling renovations that I suspect are crucial — porch repair, wallpaper, bed room furniture for our young of us, recessed lighting fixtures, etc. out of my earn pocket.

For our upcoming anniversary, after I asked Cliff the build we is seemingly to be going so I could per chance well moreover belief accordingly, he asked me why I wasn’t taking him out to celebrate our anniversary. What make you accomplish of all of this? Frankly, it saddens me. — MONEY’S THE ISSUE IN VIRGINIA

DEAR ISSUE: It is probably you’ll per chance well presumably moreover be fast-altering yourself. If you and your husband agreed to interrupt up prices equally, you mustn’t be paying out-of-pocket for repairs and ornament. That your husband is so sure no longer to be taken advantage of financially that he would win the fuel tank very most captivating halfway saddens me, too.

Alternatively, on the topic of anniversaries, he does bear a official point, so why no longer alternate anniversaries with him? 300 and sixty five days he’ll make the planning and capture you out to celebrate, and the subsequent year you’ll make it for him.

DEAR ABBY: My son moved relief dwelling after college two years within the past. He had significant surgical treatment on his leg two weeks after his graduation and a 14-month recuperation, which I helped him by. He hasn’t been ready to glean work in his field of discover. He did work for roughly three months, then quit.

He bought an costly rottweiler puppy whereas he turned into as soon as working, however now he’s unable to pay for the shots, food and celebrated care of this puppy. I’m struggling financially and can not bear sufficient money to relief with the prices.

The puppy is destroying my dwelling, pulling my cushions from the couch, gnawing on my woodwork, etc.

My son is accusing me of being “materialistic and selfish.” I suspect he must bear waited unless he had his earn build earlier than he obtained a dog. I even bear already obtained one, “Siggy,” that turned into as soon as my son’s when he turned into as soon as 10 years oldschool. He now no longer needs Siggy on fable of he’s oldschool now. I fancy Siggy as my earn, and one dog is sufficient for me now. Please direct. — CARELESS IN TEXAS

DEAR CARELESS: Your son could per chance well moreover be chronologically an grownup, however he’s performing esteem a injurious minute one. Rather then call you names, he must be grateful you bear supported him to the extent that you just’ve got.

Start talking to him esteem the grown-up he is and direct him if he can’t inspire his rottweiler, he have to contact a rescue neighborhood that can glean it a loving dwelling with a responsible guardian who will make certain it receives the care it deserves. Sadly, your son would now not qualify.

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