WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump threatened to prolong the authorities shutdown for “months and even years” if Congress doesn’t give him cash for a border wall, Democratic lawmakers said Friday after a negotiating session that failed to cease the 2-week-aged impasse.

“We told the president we wanted the authorities delivery,” said Senate Minority Chief Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. “He resisted. Genuinely, he said he’d maintain the authorities closed for a basically long time-frame – months and even years.”  

For his half, Trump called it a “productive assembly” and claimed negotiators own near a “long formulation” to resolve the standoff. He said aides would continue to meet over the weekend to try to re-delivery the authorities and present for border security, along with a wall.

Democratic lawmakers, along with Residence Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said they pushed a thought to re-delivery the authorities now while continuing to negotiate border security – even supposing they remained adamant of their opposition to any federal cash for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

“A wall is an immorality between countries,” Pelosi said Thursday after Democrats handed their absorb thought to reopen the authorities. “Or now not it’s an aged formulation of pondering. It is now not basically impress efficient.”

Said Pelosi: “We’re now not doing a wall.”

With the partial shutdown on the cusp of its 1/three week, Trump and his aides continue to construct a query to of bigger than $5 billion for a wall, calling it crucial to blockading unlawful immigration into the US – and announcing they are going to defend the shutdown unless Democrats agree.

“Till he gets it, we’ll must discontinuance in a shutdown,” White Residence spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said Friday on Fox & Friends.

Earlier than the latest assembly within the Scenario Room, Trump despatched a letter to people of Congress on what the White Residence called “the must real our borders.”

Trump connected slides of border complications proven to lawmakers at a the same conference on Wednesday. “About a of these expose failed to wish to listen to the presentation at the time,” Trump said in his letter, “and so I own as an alternative made up our minds to accomplish the presentation accessible to all Contributors of Congress.”

The president also included a original assign apart a query to of: Closing “loopholes” in federal legislation that delay removals on undocumented migrants and “present a magnet for unlawful entry.” He claimed: “Below these correct loopholes, if an unlawful minor, or these touring with a minor, merely position foot on United States soil, they are able to’t be successfully returned house.”

Democrats boom these felony pointers are designed to make sure that families are detained collectively.

Pelosi and congressional leaders from both parties arrived at the White Residence within the late morning.

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The assembly two days within the past yielded no growth.

As the newly minted Residence Democratic majority handed a series of spending bills to reopen the federal authorities, the Republican-scuttle Senate said it would reject the measure because the White Residence issued a veto threat.


President Donald Trump escalated his shutdown threat over U.S.-Mexico border wall funding at a heated White Residence assembly with Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. (Dec. Eleven)

The Democratic legislation would fund all eight departments for the relaxation of the fiscal year, which ends Sept. 30. It handed largely along social gathering lines, with seven Republicans becoming a member of Democrats in supporting the bill.

Pelosi’s thought would also fund the Division of Place apart of origin Security at original spending levels thru Feb. Eight, giving the parties time to negotiate a long-term funds.

The Residence Democratic legislation involves $1.three billion for border security, nonetheless nothing for a wall.

The spending equipment is half of a strategy by Democrats to construct power on Trump and congressional Republicans because the affect of the shutdown turns into more pronounced across famous of the nation.

Federal workers own been furloughed or are working without pay, museums own closed, and a few nationwide parks own reported human feces, overflowing rubbish, unlawful off-roading and different forms of vandalism.

The furloughs of a whole bunch of 1000’s of federal employees own left many parks without most of the rangers and others who crew campgrounds and otherwise maintain amenities working.

Within the GOP-managed Senate, Majority Chief Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., warned again that he wouldn’t demand a vote on any proposal that doesn’t own “a real likelihood” of passing and getting a presidential signature. The Senate previously licensed a bill to fund the authorities thru Feb. Eight, nonetheless that thought died when Trump said he wouldn’t brand it.

No longer now not as much as 2 Republican senators – Susan Collins of Maine and Cory Gardner of Colorado – own said they’ll also reinforce the Democratic thought to re-delivery the authorities while keeping negotiations on border security.

McConnell, on the choice hand, pushed apart the original Democratic bills as “now not a significant try” to cease the funds standoff.

“I’d name it political theater, now not productive lawmaking,” he said.

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