A California yoga studio is claiming that passe NBA megastar and Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman and a pair of acquaintances stole bigger than $Three,500 in merchandise, including a four hundred-pound crystal, while coming into the industry on two separate events this week.

Ali Shah, who owns Vibes Sizzling Yoga, suggested the Los Angeles Instances that surveillance video shows Rodman strolling into the Newport Seaside situation on Tuesday with three diverse individuals. In accordance with the studio, the four then labored together to distract an employee so that they could presumably preserve attire.

Rodman, speaking with TMZ about the alleged theft, said the owner suggested him he might scheme stop “a pair of gifts” in commerce for helping them lag “the crystal thing.” 

“Because the lawful particular individual that I’m, I said, ‘OK, guys, let’s lag over here and carry out one thing.’ And so that they name it a heist,” Rodman said. “They name it a heist, because wager what? That (expletive) company, I suppose you name it yoga or one thing? They’re broke. … I originate no longer have to preserve (expletive).” 

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In accordance with the Instances, the employee who used to be on obligation said Rodman and his acquaintances suggested her the “ginormous geode amethyst crystal” that used to be in the marketplace for $2,500 used to be theirs and that they had been there to scheme stop it wait on.

Surveillance video acquired by TMZ shows a particular person in the studio with Rodman making an try to lag the crystal onto a dolly and losing it, causing it to rupture. They then appear to gain the items onto the dolly sooner than the particular person rolls it out of the studio. 

The studio said the crew broken the floor and left at the wait on of shards of the crystal, per the Instances. 

A day later, Rodman and a girl returned and took more merchandise, Shah said. 

The Newport Seaside Police Department said an investigation is ongoing and no one has been arrested, in step with the Instances. 


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