Felicity Huffman Says She’s No Ringleader, Don’t Sentence Her Like One – TMZ

Felicity Huffman
Weak Instances Present I’m No Ringleader …
Don’t Sentence Me Esteem One!!!

9/eleven/2019 9:50 AM PT

Uncommon Necessary factors


Felicity Huffman desires to make it particular to the resolve sentencing her — what she did in the college case did now not spoil any individual, and therefore there is no precedent to ascertain her in jail for even a day.

Sources straight conversant in Felicity’s case yell TMZ … the “Desperate Housewives” actress and her defense crew safe 2 arguments for her to exercise no time on the assist of bars, no topic prosecutors recommending a 1-month sentence.

We’re urged Felicity and co. are pointing to the Probation Division’s findings that she must procure as microscopic as zero months, because no one suffered any loss as a consequence of her actions. You would perchance perchance maybe score, Felicity pled responsible to conspiracy charges for paying $15k to give her daughter a leg up on her college entry exam.

Obviously, Felicity agrees with that “no loss” argument establish forth by the probation department. On the opposite hand, in unique court docket medical doctors purchased by TMZ, she furthermore says the prosecution is drawing unfair comparisons between her and assorted defendants in the case.

According to crew Felicity … the prosecution has cited 2 dozen outdated conditions in which jail time used to be in most cases handed down to the ring leaders. Felicity says she wasn’t the immense fish on this blueprint, and need to now not be sentenced fancy one. In quick, she used to be lawful a buyer of Rick Singer, no longer a mastermind of his pickle.

She cites one case the prosecution is attempting to use as precedent … the build a guy purchased jail time for hacking a college’s system. Felicity says that’s an apples to oranges comparability.

Base line … Felicity is hoping the resolve acknowledges she did now not damage any individual — particularly because her child did now not even discontinue up attending college this 365 days.

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