PHILADELPHIA – There are no stories of accidents or evacuations after an early morning fire broke out at a 150-year-worn refinery complex in Philadelphia.

Firefighters own contained the blaze on the Philadelphia Energy Solutions Refining Complex, which erupted ahead of four a.m. Friday.

Residents heard and felt explosions and flames shot into the sky, turning night into day.

The reason of the fire is light unclear. It’s the 2nd fire on the refinery in a single month, following a June 10 fire wherein no accidents were reported.

In step with its web page online, the complex produces 335,000 barrels of coarse oil day to day. Philadelphia Energy Solutions says the oil refining complex is largely the most animated on the U.S. Eastern Seaboard.

Some commuter buses are being detoured.

Messages making an strive for observation from the corporate own no longer been returned.

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