First golden eagle in Yellowstone National Park to be fitted with a tracking device died of lead poisoning

The first golden eagle in Yellowstone Nationwide Park fitted with a monitoring tool has died of lead poisoning, seemingly after ingesting bullet fragments while scavenging the remains of an animal killed by a hunter, officers said Monday.

Carrying a GPS unit love a backpack, the grownup, feminine eagle had flown originate air Yellowstone into areas where hunters pursue game reminiscent of elk and deer.

The death of the hen changed into a setback for golden eagle study in Yellowstone but no longer the quit. Loads of other golden eagles on the park contain been fitted with monitoring devices.

“It is somewhat of gut-wrenching because it is so darn hard to trap and model an eagle, and it is frustrating for the graduate pupil who’s leading the mission,” said eagle scientist Todd Katzner with the U.S. Geological Watch in Boise, Idaho.

Advocacy teams contain called for hunters to use bullets comprised of copper to back prevent such deaths. Efficient July 1, California will fully restrict hunters from the use of lead bullets.

In Wyoming, Bryan Bedrosian of the Teton Raptor Heart said he has supplied opportunities for hunters to alternate lead bullets for ones comprised of copper, which performs factual as successfully.

However, Bedrosian, an avid hunter and study director on the raptor rehabilitation facility, would no longer increase banning lead bullets.

“Somewhat plenty of it is a topic of consciousness and willingness of of us to change,” he said.

Golden eagles are one in all North The US’s largest birds, with a wingspan that can high 7 toes (2.1 meters).

Their numbers within the contiguous forty eight U.S. states are valid but no longer as excessive as they’ll be, partly due to collisions with autos and wind turbines.

The feminine eagle, regarded at least of 5 years frail, changed into stumbled on pointless in northern Yellowstone in December but the placement off of death changed into absolute top no longer too long ago sure. It had ranged up to now as Forty miles (Sixty four kilometers) from the center of its habitat.

The study over a four-month duration supplied priceless data about the streak of golden eagles and the threats they face, Katzner added.

Golden eagles hunt are residing prey within the course of summer season. Lead poisoning becomes a well-known threat when they use carrion within the course of descend and winter, Katzner said.

“This hen died factual within the duration we would question them to be wandering broadly and looking out for out food,” Katzner said.


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