Heisman Trophy winner, national champion, first-round NFL draft take, minor-league baseball player, and now, fiance. Sure — Tim Tebow is engaged.

The 31-year-feeble on Wednesday requested his lady friend, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, to marry him at his family’s farm outside Jacksonville, Florida, in accordance with Folks.

So who’s Nel-Peters? 

Right here are 5 issues to know about her.

She won Omit Universe

Nel-Peters, from South Africa, was crowned Omit Universe in 2017.

She was once carjacked at gunpoint

She told NBC that she was the sufferer of a carjacking in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 2017. “I would also look three guns in total between the 5 men,” she acknowledged. “I managed to flee from the auto, pull myself lend a hand up. I punched (one) guy in the throat, attributable to I knew I had to develop a window of opportunity for myself.”

She now makes utilize of her platform to take awareness of the importance of girls being trained in self-protection.

Her sister is her inspiration

“My 1/2-sister was born and not using a cerebellum and is entirely disabled,” she acknowledged, per the Omit Universe internet space. “She is my ultimate motivator and inspiration, attributable to her declare makes me tag how special life is, and I constantly desire to work twice as laborious, revel in life twice as mighty so that I’m in a position to revel in it for her as successfully. As a result of this reality every abilities I stumble upon is that rather more special.”

She graduated from North West College

She earned a diploma in industry administration from the college, situated in South Africa.

She’s an recommend for equal pay

“In some locations, girls rep paid seventy five p.c of what men develop for doing the identical job, working the identical hours — and I enact no longer imagine that that is ethical,” she acknowledged for the length of the Omit Universe Q&A section. “I contain we are going to be in a position to have to gentle have equal work for equal pay for girls one day of the arena.”

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