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We’re heading into the divisional round of the NFL playoffs and there’s hundreds to chat about. From this weekend’s upcoming matchups to the coaching carousel that retains spinning (we’ve already obtained unique hires in Inexperienced Bay and probably Tampa), you had a ton of inquiries to place a question to. Thanks as continuously to your feedback, and we’ll be again next week.

What passed off with Kliff Kingsbury at USC? —Molly M. 

Right here’s the deal: Kingsbury has a runt protect shut-out in his contract as USC’s offensive coordinator. NFL groups that tried to talk to him were blocked by USC. They are trying to stammer it now but they were absolutely blocked. The groups I know that reached out weren’t given permission to talk to him. USC is moreover now claiming that he hasn’t resigned, although he has interviews scheduled with the Jets and Cardinals.

I establish a question to USC’s decision to block him from interviewing. It’s far unnecessary to form that when you happen to’re a college crew…

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