Senator Chuck Schumer lambasted President Donald Trump over his ask that American taxpayers pay for a border wall which has ended in a partial government shutdown.

Dwelling Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi accused President Donald Trump of the use of “fright ways” to fabricate make stronger for his proposed U.S.-Mexico border wall, which she joked had been reduced from a gigantic, cement structure “to, I delight in, a beaded curtain.”

Trump and congressional Democrats remained locked in a bitter stalemate Tuesday over billions of bucks in funding for the wall, which Trump has acknowledged is most critical to total a partial government shutdown now heading into its fourth day. With most lawmakers home for the holiday, a rapid resolution would quantity to a Christmas miracle.

The president stored a low profile on Christmas Eve, at one level posting on Twitter that he was once “by myself” at the White Dwelling looking out forward to Democrats to agree to a deal to reopen federal businesses. The White Dwelling acknowledged Trump met with Fatherland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen about border security however supplied no component about the discussion. 

I’m all by myself (unfortunate me) within the White Dwelling looking out forward to the Democrats to contrivance abet abet and construct a deal on desperately most critical Border Security. At some level the Democrats now no longer desirous to construct a deal will cost our Country extra money than the Border Wall we’re all talking about. Crazy!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 24, 2018

“At some level the Democrats now no longer desirous to construct a deal will cost our Country extra money than the Border Wall we’re all talking about,” Trump posted on Twitter. “Crazy!”

Trump advised journalists late Monday that there was once nothing unique to picture on funds negotiations. 

“We need extra border security,” he acknowledged. 

In an interview, Pelosi advised USA TODAY over the weekend Trump is “being a fear monger” by declaring immigrants will carry pills and other dangers into the U.S. Specialists assume most pills coming into the country are smuggled in thru lawful ports of entry.

Trump ran for president on a promise to make stronger immigration restrictions and fabricate the wall. He took heat from conservatives after the White Dwelling initially signaled an openness to a non eternal funding measure that may perhaps well well delight in stored government businesses opened however save now no longer need drastically increased funding border boundaries. 

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“He talked about terrorists coming in over that particular particular person border, which wasn’t so. He talked about folks bringing in diseases and the total rest of that, which wasn’t so,” Pelosi, a California Democrat and presumed subsequent Speaker of the Dwelling, advised USA TODAY. “He is the use of fright ways that are now no longer evidence based, and it’s inferior.”

Pelosi mocked the shifting message from the White Dwelling about whether or now no longer Trump most critical a “wall,” a fence or one more structure.  

“To begin with, the truth…that he says ‘we’re going to fabricate a wall with cement and Mexico’s going to pay for it’ while he’s already backed off of the cement – now he’s down to, I delight in, a beaded curtain or something, I’m now no longer sure where he’s,” Pelosi acknowledged. 

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A White Dwelling spokeswoman did now no longer respond to a requirement of for observation. 

Democrats, noting the market accelerate on Monday and most up to the moment shakeups in Trump’s Cupboard, reiterated their accusation that Trump is “plunging the country into chaos.” With each and either side dug in over the shutdown, it was once unclear whether or now no longer precise progress was once being made toward resolving the impasse.

The Senate is no longer always standing to meet yet again till Thursday at the earliest, and White Dwelling officers delight in predicted the shutdown may perhaps well well proceed into the unique Congress, which begins Jan. 3. Democrats will steal management of the Dwelling on that day, and Pelosi acknowledged she expects the chamber will proceed legislation to reopen federal businesses mercurial. 

Whether that measure would embody additional money for the border remains unclear.  

“Nevertheless one thing’s for sure, the first week of January we may perhaps well well be passing legislation to birth up government,” Pelosi acknowledged. 

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