Kevin Spacey’s accuser takes stand today over missing cell phone, speaks publicly for first time – CBS News

Spacey accuser denies altering texts

A man who accused Kevin Spacey of groping him at a bar in 2016 took the stand all over a Massachusetts court docket listening to Monday to illustrate why his cell telephone is missing, however the strength of the case against the actor was once called into query when the person later invoked his Fifth Amendment rights.

Spacey is accused of groping the then 18-twelve months-musty man in Nantucket in 2016. The actor has pleaded not guilty to a price of low assault and battery. 

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NANTUCKET, MA – JANUARY 07: Actor Kevin Spacey attends his arraignment for sexual assault charges at Nantucket District Court on January 7, 2019 in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

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The listening to had been called because the accuser, William Exiguous, said he can’t bag a cellular phone wanted by the protection. Spacey’s attorneys tell they need the telephone to possess interplay a uncover at to enhance texts they speak were deleted and would help Spacey’s protection.

The accuser testified Monday he “has no data of any deletions of messages on my telephone.” Nonetheless after he stepped down, Exiguous asserted his Fifth Amendment rights, that manner his testimony will be from the anecdote.

Spacey’s authorized noble Alan Jackson said that if the accuser intends to moreover invoke his marvelous not to testify to be steady from self-incrimination at trial, that might well “compromise” your complete case.

“He’s the sole be taught about that can effect the situations of his allegation,” Jackson said. 

It wasn’t immediately clear whether Exiguous intended to originate so, however in that case, Jackson called for the case to be brushed off immediately. The prosecution requested for a week to search out out subsequent steps.

A establish agreed the case revolved around the accuser and that “without him, the Commonwealth will possess an elegant road to hoe.” He said he wasn’t certain whether the case would “proceed or collapse,” however agreed to allow the listening to to proceed and said the case would not be brushed off now.

Earlier Monday, Jackson said data recount police returned the telephone to the accuser’s father in December 2017 after it was once turned in to relate authorities. Nonetheless in a annoying replace with Jackson Monday, the daddy, Gash Exiguous, testified he has no recollection of receiving the telephone. The elder Exiguous instructed Jackson he felt his questions went “too some distance,” prompting the establish to threaten to help Exiguous in contempt.

A relate trooper testified Monday he returned the telephone to the household. The trooper testified the accuser’s mother, Heather Unruh, admitted deleting “frat boy actions” from her son’s telephone sooner than turning it over to authorities in 2017.

Responding to questions from Jackson, the accuser said he can’t decide whether his mother saw the telephone sooner than it was once turned in to police. He said he didn’t have faith Unruh requested him to delete one thing else.

The accuser voluntarily brushed off the lawsuit closing week without clarification actual days after it was once filed. Garabedian said in court docket the case has been an “emotional roller coaster” for his client.

“He most interesting wanted one roller coaster pace at a time,” Garabedian said.”The prison case is ample.”

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