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More competition for Nintendo’s Traditional Editions

Konami – which holds the rights to the PC Engine / TurboGrafx-sixteen mark via its ownership of the now-defunct Hudson Tender – has lifted the lid on but but one more retro-themed micro-console.

This time, or no longer it is NEC / Hudson’s legendary PC Engine, the machine which took Japan by a storm within the slack ’80s and came to the US within the (slightly less successful) originate of the TurboGrafx-sixteen.

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Screenshot 2019 06 12 At 07.02.Fifty 9

The console will near in three designs. The Eastern market will accumulate the usual white PC Engine, whereas Europe will accumulate the Core Grafx revision (which used to be customarily correct a diversified case color with AV output fairly than RF). In the US, gamers will accumulate the TurboGrafx-sixteen case originate, which used to be increased to attract American sensibilities.

Games confirmed as much as now are:

It has also been confirmed that the Eastern model will possess Dracula X: Rondo of Blood, a regional inviting which used to be easiest launched on CD-ROM.

There is now not any pricing recordsdata or even a solid commence date, however we’ll update this put up the 2nd we know.


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