New Zealand resume against India in World Cup semi-final – clips, radio & text

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Too advantageous, Fahim! A part of magic from Guptill.

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Sleek Zealand captain Kane Williamson: “It be a varied feeling to closing time. We absorb now had to skin it over the round robin, so it be been quite varied. A form of coronary heart has been proven by the fellows to this level but we’re keeping our toes on the ground. It was a mountainous semi-closing and we’re gratified to be on the advantageous facet of it.

“It was in level of fact important batting conditions the day old to this. We had to assess conditions snappy, I own all facets plot it could perhaps perchance perhaps be a elevated scoring sport. We spoke about getting 240-250 and we knew that is more in all probability to be competitive. There were a lot of contributions from every person to bag us to that total.

“We spoke in regards to the conditions at some level of the interval, we wished to set the ball in appropriate areas and switch the ball around and set some stress on India, they are a global-class facet. It was a mountainous commence from the bowlers, we knew it would bag more difficult for us as the innings went on. We showed a lot of coronary heart and the fielders and bowlers were prominent.”

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Video caption: Williamson hits Jadeja over mid-wicket for 4

‘It be hard to achieve to terms with’

More from Kohli: “Jadeja had an prominent sport. The model he played these days was a mountainous signal for his potential space and what he can manufacture for the crew. He turned the game around very snappy and had an correct partnership with Dhoni, who received speed out within the tip. It be a sport of margins.

“It be important – 45 minutes of putrid cricket set you out of the tournament. It be hard to achieve to terms with but Sleek Zealand deserve it – they set us beneath stress and got right here by within the key moments.

“Our shot different could perchance’ve been greater but in any other case we played an correct imprint of cricket and I am comfy with the model we played. Come the knockouts it’s miles any individual’s sport and Sleek Zealand showed extra composure and were braver and they ought to battle by to the semi-finals.”

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Jeremy Coney

Ex-Sleek Zealand captain on BBC Test Match Special

Sleek Zealand hadn’t had adequate efficiency from varied gamers on this tournament. But they did these days.

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