Outrage After Louis C.K., Chris Rock Laugh Over N-Word In Old Video – HuffPost

Former photos of Louis C.Good ample. and Chris Rock exchanging N-phrase jokes used to be uncovered Saturday, spreading like wildfire at some level of social media and triggering outrage.

The 2011 “Talking Humorous” clip presentations the 2 comedians sitting with Jerry Seinfeld and Ricky Gervais as C.Good ample. says, “when a dim man will get rich, it’s countdown to when he’s wretched again.”

“He’s the blackest white man I fucking know,” Rock replies.

“You’re announcing I’m a n****r?” C.Good ample. asks.

“Yes, you are the n****leisure fucking white man I even like ever” met, Rock says, to the amusement of every and every C.Good ample. and Gervais.

Seinfeld, who appears to be like uneasy, interjects with “I wouldn’t expend it wherever,” acting to focus on to the derogatory timeframe.

C.Good ample. then boasts, “we reveal n****r on stage,” relating to himself and Rock.

After the video used to be posted online, it sparked a combination of outrage and backlash on Twitter, where some customers praised Seinfeld for no longer taking section in the slur tossing.

What used to be Chris Rock thinking?

— deray (@deray) December 22, 2018

I’m sorry. Chris Rock did what?

— Monique Mediate (@thejournalista) December 22, 2018

I know dim other folks who are relaxed with white other folks announcing the n-phrase in their presence. Cling had to reveal about a white other folks that I’m no longer that dim particular person. Quiet it says something essentially the most simple one who used to be wretched used to be Seinfeld pic.twitter.com/8wrGGufBUS

— Jemele Hill (@jemelehill) December 23, 2018

shoutout to Jerry Seinfeld tho

— Dad (@fivefifths) December 22, 2018

For C.Good ample., the resurfaced remarks are a second hit to his career, which used to be already upended in November 2017 after he admitted to sexually harassing more than one females.

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