Piers Morgan slams Kris Jenner’s ‘crass’ £12K Christmas present as she brags about being ‘rich as f**k’ – Mirror Online

Kris Jenner has sparked furore by posing with a Christmas gift that boasts of her wealth.

The sixty three-yr-extinct fact neatly-known particular person is supposed to be value in excess of $30 million (£23 million) as a result of the success of Maintaining Up With The Kardashians.

On the different hand, the neatly-known particular person has been slammed as “impolite”, “tasteless” and “classless” by livid fans after she was snapped clutching a £12,000 suitcase embellished with the phrase “Rich as F**good ample”.

The image was in the start uploaded to Instagram by Kris’s 34-yr-extinct daughter Khloe Kardashian who captioned the describe: “That’s my mother”.

Khloe Kardashian shared the describe of Kris posing with the suitcase

But fans and critics had been united in condemning the truth stars for rubbing their arguably undeserved wealth in the faces of their followers.

Among the loudest critics was none as antagonistic to TV host Piers Morgan, Fifty three, who took to Twitter to vent his fury over the whole affair.

“Whereas you occur to’re outlandish why the Kardashians are all so grasping, narcissistic & frightening, right here’s their mother yesterday,” the Appropriate Morning Britain neatly-known particular person raged on-line.

Many others lined up to know a swipe at Kris – flooding social media with venomous comments.

Piers Morgan was considered one of many loudest voices to criticise Kris

“Eww.. showing once again, money can’t purchase class or kind,” wrote one disgusted fan on Twitter.

“Terrible household. Consideration searching for who fill done nothing,” raged one more – with one more fan branding the describe “impolite”.

Whereas others seized the chance to stay the knife into the truth display conceal neatly-known particular person – with many mentioning she has profited off the misfortunes of her household by turning their lives into a senseless TV display conceal.

“Supreme Pimp in identified historical past,” one fan wrote, whereas others described Kris’ neatly-known formative years as her “paycheck”.

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