Popsugar’s celebrity look-alike app is leaking users’ photos – Engadget

The photos that #Twinning users upload to the app are kept in an Amazon Web Products and companies storage bucket, TechCrunch stories. Essentially based on the publication, the web take care of for that storage bucket can even be gift within the #Twinning web pages’s code and if you glide it into a web browser, then you surely occupy entry to any of the photos users occupy uploaded.

While this couldn’t be basically the most egregious instance of a privacy violation, or no longer it is honorable one other instance, in a 365 days fat of them, of how runt alter we now occupy got over our recordsdata. And since privacy is now on so many of us’s minds, or no longer it is miles a runt bit advanced as to why Popsugar would enable such an with out problems avoidable oversight.

TechCrunch reached out to Popsugar in regards to the leak, but acknowledged it hadn’t but heard back.

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