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Builders from the Oculus crew and the ILMxLab launched the principle epic trailer for Vader Immortal: A Extensive name Wars VR Series this day at the annual Extensive name Wars Celebration fan convention. The upcoming episodic digital fact recreation will consist of the pronounce performing talents of comic Maya Rudolph, who would possibly be the player’s well-known companion for the length of the recreation.

Vader Immortal will attach you into the captain’s chair of a smuggling ship called the Windfall. Within the outlet moments, avid gamers can be captured by Vader himself and imprisoned in his giant murky fortress on the planet Mustafar. That fortress, per drawings by the late Ralph McQuarrie, featured prominently in Rogue One: A Extensive name Wars epic. Gamers can be ready to dawdle its halls and undergo study to the intimate, emotional struggles going on for the length of the Shadowy Lord of the Sith. They’ll also bewitch up a lightsaber and discontinue fight against Vader himself.

The sport will also consist of a “lightsaber dojo” mode, which lets in users to play “eternally” with an pretty weapon from a more civilized age.

While the crew used to be very coy in regards to the storyline, Matt Martin, creative executive at LucasFilm, printed that Wonder’s Darth Vader droll assortment comprises a pair of as but undiscovered hints — especially as it applies to the constructing of Vader’s fortress itself.

The sport’s coronary heart and soul, builders insist, is the floating droid companion nicknamed Zoey, who can be voiced by Rudolph. Scott Lawrence, who performs Resistance concept Jarek Yaeger on Extensive name Wars Resistance, will present the pronounce of Darth Vader.

It used to be also printed that the skills can be on hand on each and each the Oculus Quest and the Rift platforms, including the greater-decision Rift S. No release date used to be given.

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