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Hannah Brown ended things with a bang. 

Night one of The Bachelorette‘s two-night finale saw Hannah’s dramatic breakup with Peter Weber (who later outlined his lady friend drama on After the Finest Rose), nonetheless the beauty queen determined the next night who had her coronary heart. 

Monday night’s episode ended with Hannah introducing both Tyler Cameron and Jed Wyatt to her family in Greece — even though the latter’s focus on over with did not precisely poke with out bother. Some followers idea the dramatic come upon was a fashion of things to attain reduction, they in most cases were arresting — Jed’s ex-lady friend came forward closing month alleging they were tranquil in a relationship while he was on the mark, and host Chris Harrison wanted to hear his clarification. 

Over Tuesday’s two-hour are living finale, followers saw Hannah win engaged to Jed, destroy up with Jed, and request Tyler on a date — that blueprint we can even lawful win a happy ending to this season despite everything. 

Scroll down for minute-by-minute updates. 


6:59 PM:

Chris ends the mark with a gargantuan congrats on the most unusual Bachelor Nation miniature one — Jade and Tanner lawful welcomed a miniature one boy. Future Bachelor? Real night!

Paradise Promo

6:fifty eight PM:

Paradise goes to blow your mind,” Chris teases.

We survey Blake’s admire triangle — nonetheless yet any other particular person’s coronary heart “crushed with out a sign of ending.”

There is a combat on the seaside, tears galore and tons extra drama than we’re long-established to. John Paul Jones is crying, and we are able to’t wait to understanding why. Paradise premieres Aug. 5!

Wrapping Up

6:fifty seven PM:

“We desire Hannah and I guess Tyler the very simplest,” Chris says. Nevertheless sooner than we wrap up, Chris wants to focus on others getting yet any other likelihood at discovering admire — on Bachelor in Paradise. It promises to be regarded as one of the most most “dramatic” seasons yet.

We’re Crying

6:fifty one PM:

Hannah wants to win a drink with Tyler — and he is up for it and WE’RE CRYING. 

“Did you lawful request Tyler out on a date?” Chris asks — they in most cases verify… yes! 

“I accept as true with we lawful can accept as true with to be commonplace of us and lawful survey if that’s… let’s accept as true with a drink,” she says. 

“We can ship this,” Chris says. 

So Much Give a buy to

6:48 PM:

Tyler admits he idea Hannah was in “correct arms” with Jed, nonetheless that did not pause up being the case. Level-headed, he is conscious of Hannah will win by this. 

He says proposal day was regarded as one of the most most fun days. “To pass on, I was the happiest miniature kid,” he recollects. “It was that feeling of fireplace.” 

Hannah says she is conscious of Tyler has been so supportive and respectful of her on their sprint and afterwards. “That relationship, our relationship, was right to me, and special and everything I said, I intended and I felt, and it did not lawful poke away,” she admits. 

She continues, explaining that she’s assured being on her dangle, nonetheless “I’ve repeatedly said, yeah, I desire any individual to be bold, and I am bold and I win bold strikes, and I — you are an attractive guy and I am a single girl!” 

Hey, Boy

6:Forty six PM:

Tyler is right here and everything is arresting on this planet again. 

Chris jokes he can accept as true with to lawful “leave.” “It be like the damn Beatles lawful walked in right here,” he says of the target market’s delighted reaction.

Tyler says he is labored as a lot as understanding Hannah again. “It was a annoying breakup and it was annoying, nonetheless I in actual fact accept as true with so great respect for you,” he says — sooner than letting out an expletive. “Sorry, Mother!” 

“You is also so noteworthy and so noteworthy,” he says to Hannah, admitting he is been awed by staring at her season.

Feelings There?

6:forty five PM:

Hannah says her feelings for Tyler “did not lawful poke away” and the target market is LOVING IT — AND SO ARE WE. 

“What?” she asks, laughing. 

“Let’s survey what occurs right here,” Chris teases, sooner than introducing Tyler. 

Hella Derive

6:forty two PM:

Jed’s long gone FINALLY! 

“It be been in actual fact heartbreaking, for clear, and I’ve wondered quite tons of things in my expertise, nonetheless I am in actual fact cheerful with myself, because in the previous, I have been in relationships the keep there wasn’t repeatedly belief, and I can even follow that,” Hannah tells Chris. “I in actual fact accept as true with realized that I create not need a husband. I desire a husband, nonetheless I create not need one. And I am in actual fact, in actual fact cheerful with the girl that I’ve change into by all this, because I am hella noteworthy!” 

Chris compliments Hannah on her grace, poise and self perception… nonetheless or not it is time to win to Tyler. PLEASE BRING HIM OUT!

Finest Phrase

6:38 PM:

Jed gets the closing discover, and tells Hannah again that he is sorry. “You deserve the field, and also you deserve to feel free.” 

Chris says he is conscious of quite tons of it was self-inflicted, nonetheless he appreciates Jed coming out. 

Subsequent up, Tyler — because, hallelujah. 


6:35 PM:

Chris asks Jed how he feels about Hannah now. “The identical as I’ve felt since I purchased down on one knee,” he confesses, adding that he by no blueprint believed he’d win to that time of admire on the mark. 

“I’ve by no blueprint had that stage of relationship, and that came with you so naturally, and again, that’s yet any other reason I feel sorry about all of this so great,” he says. “I desire I can even commerce the previous, nonetheless I’m able to’t… my admire for you would also not ever leave me.” 

He says he’ll “repeatedly” be in admire with Hannah. 

“I am not attempting to punish you, nonetheless my feelings accept as true with modified, and I accept as true with when that belief was broken, my feelings in actual fact lawful were broke with that, and I create not admire you want that anymore,” Hannah says. The target market claps, nonetheless Hannah chastises them. “It be not something to clap about. It be sad.” 

Hannah Holds It Down

6:29 PM:

Chris asks Jed why he did not attain trim. “I was performing out of dismay as a change of out of admire and respect for you,” Jed says. “I was disturbed to lose you. I wasn’t clear how any of it is also taken.” 

Jed says he idea he had closure with Haley, nonetheless now sees how she did not. 

Hannah struggles to salvage the words — and to accumulate reduction tears. “It be so messed up. It be lawful sad. I delight in your apology, and I know that or not it is wound me lots, nonetheless I know this has not been easy for you and your family and I know critics could maybe even be annoying. I in actual fact accept as true with some too, and what you did was not arresting, and not correct. Nevertheless I did drop in admire with you, and I know that that particular person’s in there. And I lawful hope that from this, you may maybe well be arresting and study and develop into the man I know you need to maybe even be for whoever in your future,” she says. BRAVO, WAY TO GO GIRL!

Whats up, Jed

6:26 PM:

Jed comes out to maybe two of us awkwardly clapping. He and Hannah fraction an great extra awkward hug — their first time seeing every diversified since she broke up with him OVER THE PHONE. 

Chris thanks Jed for coming (because in actual fact, we could maybe perchance accept as true with hasten away). He offers Jed the ground. 

“There is lots that I could maybe perchance accumulate to speak. First and main… I wnat you to know that I am sorry,” Jed says to Hannah. “Namely in hindsight and now that I’ve had time to appear at myself… I fully survey that I wasn’t the easiest I will be.” 

Jed says he by no blueprint expected to salvage admire with Hannah. “I am sorry I took away that accept as true with from you,” he continues, providing an apology to her, her family, mates and Bachelor Nation. Fancy he can accept as true with to!

She’s Ended It

6:20 PM:

Later, Hannah learned herself circling things in the article, and sending them to her fiance. 

“[Things have been] in actual fact refined,” she admits. “I in actual fact accept as true with sobbed on the ground. I felt like my total life lawful caved in, and everything that I believed was factual and right wasn’t. I in actual fact had been furious as hell. And lawful questioning what happened. Nevertheless I’ve gotten lots stronger by it.” 

Hannah says she and Jed are likely to be not collectively anymore, and the target market erupts. You poke, girl! “That will not be what I said yes to,” she says. “The things I said to him on my engagement day, I believed that was my day.” 

“It be been in actual fact annoying to grapple with that, nonetheless I know that what I purchased will not be what I ever wanted for a life associate, a admire that’s not constructed on the muse of truth and honesty,” she continues. 

Sizzling Seat!

6:sixteen PM:

Chris brings Hannah out to the modern seat, and he or she appears to be like to be high quality in a sassy purple dress. The crew screams their give a buy to from their chairs. 

Hannah says she’s “OK.” “I lawful cannot accept as true with right here is the approach this dialog goes,” she admits. 

“I am sorry for that,” Chris says. “Engage me reduction to that day can accept as true with to you learned out.” 

Hannah says the principle files she had was the day after his proposal. “It was lawful that he wanted to let me know that if something was said, there was a girl he was striking out with,” she recollects. She says Jed quick her he ended it a week sooner than approaching the mark, and Haley wasn’t in actual fact his lady friend.

“Well, I’m able to win by that,” Hannah recollects pondering, noting she was disappointed. 

Then, she study Haley’s claims in an editorial. “I lawful idea it was in actual fact odd,” Hannah says, revealing she asked Jed about it. 

Let’s Hear It!

6:12 PM:

Chris tosses us to commercial destroy, revealing that Hannah and Jed will join him on stage when we attain reduction. 


Taking Off the Ring

6:10 PM:

Hannah says she has grace for Jed, nonetheless their engagement will not be what she said yes to. 

She takes off the ring and sets it on the table. 

Jed says he was the actual person she wanted. “I said yes, nonetheless it hasn’t been correct since then,” Hannah says. “I deserve as a option to position a question to this and to not know if I desire this. I create not know. I create not know.”  

I am Sorry

6:09 PM:

Hannah says she appears like this expertise has been taken away from her, due to Jed’s lies. “You is also in actual fact selfish on this, and I lawful in actual fact feel like my choices, my picks were all spoiled,” she shows. 

Jed says he dwelled in a blueprint of life that wound him and the actual person he loves and wants to be with with out a sign of ending. “That is something I did not lie about the least bit…. I am sorry. I know you create not are attempting to hear it repeatedly. I am sorry,” he repeats. “I are attempting to be somebody that you just’re cheerful with, Hannah.” 

Connecting the Dots

6:06 PM:

Hannah says she’s also furious that Jed quick his mates he “gained.” “Now, it makes me focal point on everything, and why, and also you came for this and this,” she says. “It is luminous now why your family was so like…skeptical.” 

She continues, explaining that it clicks why his family was so anxious throughout his situation of start date. “I deserve to know that, to win my freaking decision.” 

“I lawful by no blueprint met somebody that made me are attempting to be a greater particular person,” Jed says. 

Hannah calls him out, telling him he must be arresting about his previous, because now or not it is their future. “This does not poke away,” she hisses. 


6:04 PM:

Jed says he loves Hannah, and he’ll impact whatever it takes to win it work. “The keep impact you survey me lacking, that you just in actual fact desire me to be better at?” he asks. 

“What you would also impact, and what I could maybe perchance need, is One hundred% honesty,” Hannah says. “What was going by your mind, when it was Scott has a lady friend at dwelling?” PREACH!

“[In my mind] I did not accept as true with a lady friend,” Jed says. “I will deserve to accept as true with said something… nonetheless as soon as this began going on and I started seeing how I was feeling about you, I could maybe not survey the leisure. You were it.” 

Jed says he did not are attempting to tell Hannah sooner than because he was disturbed she’d stroll away from him. “I am so not cheerful with it,” he declares. “It turns, me pulling it reduction has now assign me on this case.” 

“Us,” Hannah reminds him. “It be not lawful you.” 

Can It Be Mounted?

5:59 PM:

Jed asks what he can impact to fix it, and Hannah does not know. She gets up and walks exterior. 

Again at the studio, the target market is in disbelief — nonetheless also vogue of perception, because all of us knew it was coming. 


5:fifty six PM:

Jed says he ended the relationship “in my coronary heart, not verbally.” 

Hannah, on the opposite hand, has viewed the textual speak material messages — and will not be always in actual fact shopping it. “You slept with her the night sooner than you left! This is humiliating for me,” Hannah says. 

She then reveals Jed messages from women who were in his apartment. “The entire lot you impact impacts me. If you happen to were engaged, why would you lawful… enable of us, women, to attain reduction to your residence after which as a minimal lawful not tell me afterwards?” she asks. 

Jed apologizes. “I know what I desire. I have been doing the total things to be willing for this… I was so in the arresting situation for it, so it sucks,” Hannah says. “Now, to know this… [I feel] betrayed, and how will you ever be in a position to be engaged?”

Explaining Himself

5:fifty four PM:

Jed says Haley met his fogeys and threw him a shock occasion. “Her fogeys bought me a vacation to the Bahamas,” he shows. 

“Nevertheless you create not name that dating?” Hannah asks. “Dude!” 

Jed says he is been seeing diversified women, and that he quick Haley he bought asked to head on the mark. “In my mind, yeah, I was going on for a song thing,” he says. 

Hannah says she “is conscious of” Jed insisted it was a song thing for him, not about dating. She’s furious, explaining that she idea Jed said he was drawn to approaching the mark for song because he did not know what it was about. 

Jed says he quick Haley he beloved her, nonetheless “knew it was a mistake.”

“That is so selfish. That is selfish to her, that’s selfish to me,” Hannah says. “Ugh!” 

What the Freak?

5:48 PM:

We’re reduction — and or not it is time to hear what Jed has to speak. 

Hannah opens the door to Jed, and offers him a hug. “Overlooked you,” he says sooner than they head to the couch. 

“I create not even know the keep to start,” she says. “Why did you assign up for all this to happen for me to salvage out what in actual fact happened?” 

Jed says there were diversified “views of what happened.” He says he was “very single” when he met Haley. “I did not in actual fact feel prefer it was an unusual thing. It by no blueprint felt like a relationship to me,” he says. “We frolicked just a few times.” 

Hannah questions what he blueprint. “This is the time to be as blunt as I am,” she says. 

Jed says they had long gone to a dinner collectively, slept collectively, they in most cases had watched a movie. Then, they went on a poke to and stayed in a cabin collectively. “What the freak?” Hannah says.  

Hannah’s No longer Jubilant

5:forty five PM:

Hannah says Jed quick her after their engagement that he was with yet any other girl a week sooner than approaching the mark, nonetheless that it was over. 

Subsequent thing she is conscious of, Hannah sees Haley Stevens’ fable. “It be not the identical thing I was quick,” she says. “The extent of that, and what was withheld from me, after I had already said yes, will not be OK.” 

Hannah says or not it is not what she idea she said yes to. “I create not know if he understands the depths of how this hurts me,” she continues. 

She says she’s screamed, cried and fallen to her knees not shining what to electrify. “I create not know the blueprint I in actual fact feel about this particular person.” 


5:Forty three PM:

Subsequent comes a bellow over from Hannah talking about how she and Jed had a high quality relationship. 

“With Jed, I was so happy, because I believed I was getting this particular person I’m able to spend my life with, who’s sweet and real and arresting, and that will not be been the case.” 


5:forty one PM:

We win footage of Hannah and Jed in Greece making a selfie video. She reveals off her ring. “My ring’s very somewhat,” she gushes. 

“We’re in actual fact engaged, and we’re right here attempting to seize it in,” Jed says. “She’s going to be a Wyatt… I admire you!” 

Face the Song

5:37 PM:

“Hannah thinks she has learned her soulmate,” Chris says in the studio, joking they sealed it “with a song.” 

“Jed is about to face the song,” he teases. 

Finest Rose

5:34 PM:

There is one extra thing they deserve to electrify sooner than breaking apart strolling away. 

Hannah offers Jed her closing rose. 

“We’re engaged!” they squawk. 

“We’re getting married!” Jed says. Are you, even though? 

They declare “Mr. Heavenly,” and we’re attempting to shriek. 

A Proposal…

5:34 PM:

“I admire you, Jed Wyatt,” Hannah says. 

“I in actual fact accept as true with lived 25 years of my life with out you, and I create not are attempting to head yet any other day in my life with out you as my companion,” Jed replies, getting down on one knee. “Hannah, will you marry me?” 

Hannah says yes. 


5:32 PM:

Hannah loves it — and we’re vomiting. 

“I create not accept as true with a song, nonetheless I can even accumulate to speak some stuff,” she says. “I’ve repeatedly prayed for my future husband, and as a miniature girl, I’m able to consider sitting in my room. I by no blueprint knew who I was praying for… I typically wondered why God has allowed things to happen in my life the approach they did.” 

Hannah opens up about her heartbreaks, and WE FEEL SO BAD. “It be let me to this moment,” she says. “It be led me to you. I have been praying for this moment for an extended time. I have been praying for you.” 


5:29 PM:

JED HAS HIS GUITAR with him as he approaches Hannah at the proposal place. REALLY? 

“Hey you,” he says. Is he going to declare his proposal? He is de facto getting quite tons of mileage out of his song occupation right here. “You survey comely.” 

He is telling Hannah the total sweet things and not singing yet, so we create not in actual fact care. “I by no blueprint idea I can even admire somebody like this, this snappy,” he says. REALLY? “I know that I admire you.”

Jed says talking is mostly annoying for him, SO HE PULLS OUT HIS GUITAR. “In spite of everything that you just’ve got got been by,” he sings. Is that this a conceal song or an favorite? 


5:26 PM:

Again in Greece, Hannah is strolling by the elephant graveyard. “I’m hoping Tyler forgives me and is conscious of how great he allowed me to be myself,” she says. “As of late I in actual fact accept as true with clarity. I prayed for peace nowadays for my decision and my future. I have been ready my total life to accept as true with my happy ending.” 

Jed says it lawful “hit” him how amazing this may maybe perchance be. “I in actual fact feel angry and disturbed, worried. This is the largest day of my life,” he shows. 


5:22 PM:

Chris is in the studio, revealing that we’ll survey Tyler a miniature bit later — nonetheless first now we deserve to win to Jed. WHY? 


5:21 PM:

Hannah softly cries as Tyler is pushed away. 

“I believed this was it,” he says. “It appears like one million upper cuts.” 

Tyler admits he is by no blueprint felt this strongly for someone. He struggles to accumulate reduction tears. 

A Gentleman!

5:20 PM:

Tyler is devastated, nonetheless tells Hannah he is tranquil going to be her biggest fan. 

“I am so sorry,” Hannah cries, as Tyler needs her “success with Jed.” 


5:sixteen PM:

“Hannah Brown, from the moment I met you, you’ve got captivated my soul. I repeatedly knew the man I wished to be… it took you to push me to win there,” Tyler says, revealing he is so madly in admire. We relate he is chewing gum, nonetheless we’re ignoring it because his words are so comely. 

“Tyler,” Hannah interrupts. 

“This will not be always in actual fact it,” he realizes. 

“I am so fortunate to be beloved by you, and to in actuality feel that. You accept as true with supported me, you’ve got been so sweet and noteworthy for me, and accomplished everything that I’ve asked and extra and beloved me so great,” Hannah says, noting her life with Tyler could maybe perchance be amazing. “Once I quick you I was falling in admire with you, I point out it.” 

“Nevertheless I admire yet any other particular person,” she shares. 


5:15 PM:

Tyler’s up right here and WE’RE ALREADY CRYING. 

He tells the camera that he feels so assured of their relationship, and we’re as sad because the background of this proposal place appears to be like to be. So many rocks! 

On the Intention

5:14 PM:

Hannah arrives at the proposal place, and opens up about how “heartbreaking” it is to deserve to speak goodbye to the previous. 

We win shots of Tyler and Jed (WITH HIS GUITAR) on their approach to her. “I create not know the blueprint to tell any individual nowadays that they keep not appear to be ample, because that’s not factual,” Hannah says. “The actual person that I in actual fact deserve to pause things with nowadays will not be going to position a question to it.” 

In the slay Willing

5:12 PM:

We’re reduction — and Hannah’s tranquil not feeling it. 

“Deem you would impact this?” a producer asks. 

“Yeah,” Hannah replies, whistling out. “I am ready.” 

No longer OK

5:08 PM:

Hannah takes a tumble down the freeway, and a producer runs after her. 

“That in actual fact wound,” she says, exhibiting off the scrapes on her arms. She gets up, nonetheless will not be always in actual fact in a position to pass to proposal place lawful yet. 

Conclude the Automobile!

5:06 PM:

Hannah notes this week has been the “hardest decision of my life,” nonetheless she appears to be like to be ready for what comes ahead. “The life with Tyler is diversified than Jed, and I am conflicted in my coronary heart. I was hopeful I can even accept as true with clarity, nonetheless nowadays, I create not know,” she says. 

All of a unexpected, she freaks out, shaking her head in the car. “I’m able to’t impact this. Are you able to quit the car?” she yells sooner than hopping out. 


5:06 PM:

Jed, meanwhile, is drawn to an oval-shaped ring for Hannah, who GUSHES ABOUT HIS HONESTY. 

This will not be going to be correct. 

Deciding on Out Rings

5:04 PM:

“I in actual fact had been falling in admire with both Tyler and Jed by this,” Hannah confesses, as we survey Jed preparing for the gargantuan day ahead. 

Subsequent, Tyler meets with Neil Lane. “Tyler repeatedly puts me first, and he makes me in actual fact feel noteworthy,” Hannah says. 

Tyler’s having a survey a “loud and proud” ring to test Hannah’s persona. 

Hannah’s Hasten

5:03 PM:

We win a shot of Hannah in her resort room, discussing her sprint because the Bachelorette. She remembers feeling dependent and sad on the within because she basic validation from each person “and by no blueprint felt ample.” 

“I in actual fact accept as true with a total diversified mindset,” she explains. “The unknown is tranquil there, nonetheless I know I in actual fact accept as true with any individual to accumulate my hand by it.” 


5:02 PM:

“Two men, Tyler and Jed, are totally in admire with Hannah, they in most cases’re in a position to propose to her,” Chris says. 

He teases “massive detrimental forces of lies and betrayal,” and says there’ll be a proposal, that can “simplest be described as cringeworthy.” OUCH!

Two Guys, One Rose!

5:00 PM:

Two guys, one rose — or not it is time for the finale! 

“Hannah need to determine,” Chris says in a dramatic promo exhibiting Hannah’s tumble down the streets of Greece, and her fierce confrontation with a man. 

“The emotional and surprising conclusion of The Bachelorette is about to start!” he says. 

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