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SPOILER ALERT: Perform no longer read in the occasion you’ve gotten no longer yet watched “Robert Diaz,” the sixth season finale of “The Blacklist.”

It’s nary that every week goes by without NBC’s “The Blacklist” meting out a excessive-stakes instruct. This sixth season alone James Spader’s Raymond Reddington confronted a shock jail twist, a capital punishment trial thru which he defended himself, an tried jail destroy out and a final-minute cease from the president generous as he became about to face execution.

So it came as no shock in “Robert Diaz,” the sixth season finale, when the Job Power, led by Liz (Megan Boone) tried to discontinue a presidential assassination that the president himself orchestrated. Unnecessary to claim, as the episode revealed, the presidential location became basically a hit on the First Lady, whose knowledge a few past crime her husband committed became placing the president’s re-election campaign at threat.

After which, in the show camouflage’s closing moments, Liz introduced Agnes home for the main time in years, believing her instruct to in the end be staunch, and Red took off to Paris. There, on a wretched and deserted boulevard at night he confronted a present-day, very extra special alive Katarina Rostova (Laila Robins, taking on the feature formerly portrayed by Lotte Verbeek).

Whereas the reunion seemed emotional and close at the outset, within the mere minute she became onscreen Katarina turned on Red with a knife and stabbed him, sooner than a van speeded up and Red became dragged away.

Here, Diversity talks with “The Blacklist” creator Jon Bokenkamp and showrunner John Eisendrath to focus on about what Katarina’s return methodology for subsequent season and how they proceed to location out these big twists.

Did you’ve gotten a sense the show camouflage could perchance be renewed if you wrote the finale?

Eisendrath: Yes, we knew upfront of writing the finale that the show camouflage became going to be renewed. One thing I’m basically comfortable with [is] the methodology we’ve been doing the show camouflage: On the discontinue of Season 5 the place we didn’t yet know our future, we had an equally originate-ended predict of to the truth that Reddington will not be any longer Raymond Reddington, and we form of boldly embraced that and luckily it worked out. We’ve for all time worked and not using a obtain.

It’s been confirmed James Spader is returning subsequent season, does that take away from the cliff-hanger ending and the truth that he’s stabbed?

Eisendrath: He’s no longer boring, I don’t ponder we can also just aloof faux that James Spader will not be any longer going to be on “The Blacklist.” He’s alive, but regardless of that, the discontinue opens up an excellent preference of probabilities. What is going thru Katarina’s mind? How became Red so without concerns deceived? What did he ponder became going to happen when he showed up unguarded and met this lady on a wretched boulevard in Paris? How does a man who does nothing without taking extra special precautions trip away himself originate and at probability of being captured or attacked by a lady who he allegedly has known his glean existence — became her lover, had a toddler? Those are all mountainous questions.

Is that character A hundred% Katarina or, given the flip with Red’s id, is she potentially someone else?

Bokenkamp: He calls out ‘Katarina’ so we can also just aloof take it at face price. Even though it is “The Blacklist,” so…

What went into the casting of existing-day Katarina?

Bokenkamp: We had prolonged conversations with Laila Robins about the feature. We had talked about the foundation that right here’s a character that had been introduced to existence — we’ve viewed her in a preference of episodes — and so she form of exists and is half of the fabric and DNA of the show camouflage. What Laila brings to the collection, even in generous the temporary, much less-than-a-minute that we noticed is that she’s extremely ambitious, she’s natty, she’s mysterious, she’s basically an enigma. Fundamental treasure Reddington. What we had been making an are trying for and what she basically brings is a convincing presence that Reddington seemingly has no longer viewed the final of and could perchance perchance just glean to face off in opposition to in some capacity. We basically generous desired to raise to existence and dramatize the present-day model of this character that we’ve talked about for see you later.

The White Home is in a bit disarray by the discontinue of the finale, how originate politics aspect into subsequent season by methodology of power over the Job Power and even Red’s pardon?

Eisendrath: The immediate-length of time resolution is that the story of President Diaz is closed. He had to resign. He became uncovered for doing the horrifying thing that he plotted, and that story has ended. We now glean had success over time in ending experiences treasure that but permitting them to glean a ripple raise out on the Job Power. Whether it became Jane Alexander, whose character became the main particular person to supervise the Job Power or the people who came in her space, each character who has come to supervise the neighborhood has introduced a diverse colour and a diverse threat stage and that’s going to be potentially one thing that we withhold in mind going forward. We haven’t made any selections about that, but the affect of the story is in most cases felt on the Job Power going forward.

How extra special of subsequent season glean you ever plotted out at this level?

Eisendrath: We collect about the identical distance yearly. On the discontinue of twenty-two episodes it’s a basically prolonged season and we’re all very drained and we come up with the discontinue of the season in step with what we ponder the mighty discontinue could perchance be and what we can image to throw forward in the most traditional sense. There are tentpole strategies that we can launch fleshing out after we collect aid in June.

Bokenkamp: Because it is a serialized show camouflage with a clear endgame that we’ve talked about, there glean for all time been moments the place we know in the existence of the collection that we glean to hit. Generally it’s about shifting these up and each so continuously shifting them aid. To your complete mythology of the show camouflage there are even form of tentpole moments that we know we glean to hit in each season.

Eisendrath: Part of what’s obsessed with writing a TV show camouflage, and this show camouflage in particular in conserving it original going into year seven, is that it has to shock us sooner than it will shock the viewers. We originate enable ourselves to be a good deal surprised. We come into the season and we never know exactly what the story is going to be — we didn’t know Red became going to be in jail and glean to argue in his glean defense after we started the final season — so half of the tactic is completely a miniature bit walking on the excessive-wire in impart that we can also be a good deal surprised, and handiest then will the viewers be a good deal surprised.

How originate you steadiness finds, treasure giving a doable explanation of Red’s correct id, in a methodology that satisfies viewers and the need for solutions without basically sacrificing story or pandering?

Bokenkamp: If you happen to return and demand at the show camouflage again we’ve continuously given solutions which will most seemingly be an resolution, which will most seemingly be correct, but if you demand aid on it, it will also just basically feel treasure we’ve contradicted ourselves. But in the occasion you wait just a miniature longer you’ll safe out that it became basically the answer. In Episode eight Liz asked Reddington if he became her father and he acknowledged no. We then chanced on DNA proof that proves Reddington is her father. So it looked treasure we lied, but the truth is, that wasn’t the DNA proof from the James Spader character. It sounds convoluted and even as I stroll thru it my head begins to lag, but along the methodology there are benchmark truths that we dangle to land on which will most seemingly be canon which could perchance also just sound treasure they’re adrift or can also be originate to interpretation — and oftentimes they’ll also be, and they wants to be. But that’s half of what’s fun about the show camouflage is looking out to maintain with the mythology and release it. One method or the other I’m basically proud, in the occasion you demand aid at the final six seasons that we’ve completed, it adds up in a basically certain methodology. We work very exhausting to originate that.

Perform you read fan response and hypothesis? And in the occasion you originate how originate you withhold it from influencing the writing?

Eisendrath: Jon loves discovering out it and I are trying to care for away from it. It does are in the market in to Jon but I ponder we both agree that regardless of how conscious we’re of what other folks are asserting the story is the story. We’ve never modified the story in step with what other folks are guessing is the discontinue sport, the solutions, the truth. The fun of the guessing sport that the viewers has is optimistically made extra fun if we generous enlighten the story the mighty that you just must take into consideration methodology that we can. We don’t are trying to alter it and throw them off or to are trying to lead them on.

Bokenkamp: But that doesn’t imply it’s no longer fun to head browsing to scrutinize if we’ve pulled off the trick.

Viewers glean been commenting on Liz’s daughter Agnes being absent for a whereas, did that urged you to raise her aid the least bit on this finale?

Eisendrath: That’s the main time I’ve heard other folks had been basically asking that predict of. We had been asking ourselves the predict of and we felt treasure we had a basically pleasurable reason: In the mythology of the show camouflage Katarina gave up her child when her existence became upturned, and right here we glean got treasure-mother, treasure-daughter when Liz felt that her existence became overturned and upended and there became threat to her daughter. There became some form of mother-daughter connection in that. This season, there became a pleasurable explanation for Liz to basically feel treasure she is staunch in bringing her child home. What we treasure about the methodology the season ends is that it is basically basically based in half on Raymond Reddington telling her that she doesn’t glean the relaxation to fear about from Katarina Rostova. But Katarina Rostova is on camera for one minute and she takes down Raymond Reddington. So whereas the viewers is going to be pondering mostly about Red’s well-being, subsequent season the predict of is moreover going to be about Liz’s well-being and her child’s well-being to boot.

Can you hiss on Mozhan Marnò’s exit earlier this season as Samar and whether or no longer you’re taking a ogle to introduce one other female character on the Job Power or collection to compensate?

Bokenkamp: We talked about it plenty, Mozhan became ready to head out and originate other things. She directs, and acts, and has a form of opportunities, so we embraced it. We chanced on a methodology that I ponder became a terribly upright, emotional, character-pushed story that felt organic and we had been ready to present it in, in this type of methodology that it came from the fallout of final season when she became underwater and we weren’t certain about her situation. We pass over having her on the show camouflage, but it completely does originate the chance of getting someone else on the show camouflage and we’re for all time making an are trying for that. We’ve killed off other folks on the show camouflage and each so continuously we remorse it. We blew up Alan Alda, who is a TV story. We misplaced Mr. Kaplan, who became a mountainous character. The story is in the end what dictates that and oftentimes it will also be painful but in the end if it weren’t for these kinds of characters going it basically does originate up home windows for us to glean unique other folks within the Job Power and within Red’s world. It’s this type of weird and wonderful and eclectic neighborhood of other folks who it’s for all time fun to raise in unique characters.

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