A terminally in dejected health 2-365 days-old boy, whose Yemeni mother needed to sue the Allege Department to catch a visa to affix him in a California clinic, died Friday evening of a rare mind situation, the Council on American-Islamic Family members launched.

Abdullah Hassan, an American citizen, modified into to be buried Saturday.

“We are heartbroken. We needed to claim goodbye to our little one, the light of our lives,” Ali Hassan, the boy’s father, who’s furthermore an American citizen, mentioned in an announcement issued by CAIR Sacramento Valley.

The Hassan family, in conjunction with Abdullah’s mother, Shaima Swileh, had been residing in Cairo, the obtain the couple moved following the outbreak of battle in Yemen in 2016.

They had been unable to transfer to California on myth of Shaima, a Yemeni national, modified into became down for a visa below the Trump administration’s 2017 trip ban.

The ban, which underwent revisions following objections by federal courts, bars visas from 5 Muslim-majority international locations: Iran, Somalia, Syria, Libya and Yemen, to boot to residents from North Korea and Venezuelan executive workers and their families.

After Abdullah modified into diagnosed with a degenerative mind situation, Ali decided to consume his son for treatment to California in October.

But, with out a visa, Shaima Swileh modified into pressured to defend within the succor of.

Dearest Abdullah, it’s possible you’ll likely perchance no longer ever be forgotten. We belong to God and to Him we are able to return. https://t.co/ZlqIihKykv#ForAbdullah

— CAIR-Sacramento Valley (@CAIRSacramento) December 29, 2018

As the couple appealed for visa waivers, doctors in California obtain Abdullah on lifestyles enhance.

“My wife is calling me each day attempting to kiss and aid her son for the one final time,” Ali Hassan mentioned, breaking down at a news convention earlier this month.

At one point, he modified into inflamed by pulling his son off lifestyles enhance to terminate his struggling when a clinic social worker obtain him in touch with CAIR, which sued the Allege Department on Dec. 16.

Shaima got her waiver the next day, arriving at her son’s facet on Dec. 19.

“With their courage, this family has impressed our nation to confront the realities of Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban,” mentioned Saad Sweilem, a prison professional with the council who represents the family. “In his brief lifestyles, Abdullah has been a guiding light for all of us within the fight against xenophobia and family separation.”

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