UN special rapporteur demands inquiry into death of Guatemalan girl held in US – The Guardian

The United Nations computer screen who acts as global watchdog on the medication of migrants is asking for an in-depth neutral investigation into what took protest to Jakelin Caal Maquin, a seven-year-feeble Guatemalan woman who died within the custody of the US authorities.


Felipe González Morales, the UN’s particular rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, has sent a proper complaint to US secretary of protest Mike Pompeo, thru officials in Geneva, wherein he sounds the global dismay about the dying. Jakelin died on Eight December, decrease than forty eight hours after she used to be detained by Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) at a a lot away border crossing in New Mexico.

González is tense a fats neutral inquiry into the tragedy, to be led by judges and attorneys and wherein the woman’s family is legally represented and given access to language translation. As a measure to forestall more deaths, he additionally requires a valid away live to detention of migrant teenagers within the US and urges the Trump administration to accommodate “failings within the immigration design to forestall identical eventualities”.

In an interview with the Guardian, González acknowledged a colossal series of world human rights our bodies had repeatedly warned that teenagers might possibly simply light no longer be kept in detention in accordance with their migrant website online.

“Detention of teenagers has this kind of excessive impact on them that we occupy repeatedly warned of the hazards,” he acknowledged.

The UN computer screen pressured out that the Trump administration used to make sure by global regulations it’s miles going to also no longer shirk.

“When a person, especially a child, is within the custody of a protest, that protest has to make sure that their rights. States occupy an obligation to fancy migrants who attain at the border, they’ll no longer style out them as animals in inhuman prerequisites. I’m no longer asserting this took protest in this case, but the US has a responsibility in this regard.”

The intervention of primarily the most essential global watchdog on the human rights of migrants provides to pressure for the Trump administration to hotfoot previous the routine inquiry that is being utilized by the Division of Hometown Security’s Location of enterprise of the Inspector General. Legal professionals for the woman’s family as effectively as loads of contributors of Congress occupy decried such an inner investigation as a grossly inadequate manufacture of self-policing.

“Something as excessive because the dying of this woman might possibly simply light no longer be left to administrative authorities,” González told the Guardian. “I want to make sure that that judges and public attorneys device the investigation fully in an neutral system with none pressure from the immigration authorities. An inner CBP inquiry wouldn’t be friendly.”

The tragic closing hours of Jakelin occupy become a lightning rod for unease about increasingly more hardline policies being pursued by Trump at the southern border. After a risky trail of more than 2,000 miles from her indigenous neighborhood in Guatemala, she and her father, Nery Gilberto Caal, arrived at the US border on 6 December.

They were among 163 migrants detained by CBP agents at Antelope Wells in New Mexico, in conjunction with 50 unaccompanied teenagers. Jakelin used to be reported sick as she and her father were being transported in a bus to the Lordsburg border patrol pickle, from the build she used to be helicoptered to a sanatorium in El Paso, Texas. She died within the early hours of Eight December.

Many key info had been disputed. CBP claims it effectively cared for the woman, providing her and her father with water and meals and doing the complete lot they would perchance simply to set Jakelin’s lifestyles when her illness turned identified.

Her father has insisted no water used to be supplied to them. He has acknowledged his daughter used to be in authorized health after they entered US detention.

González told the Guardian he wished the investigation to resolve whether the Guatemalan family had been placed in “hieleras” – keeping cells at the border patrol stations the build for years migrants occupy complained they are kept in freezing temperatures with only aluminum blankets for warmth.

“There had been many complaints about the necessities of migrants in hieleras – they are locations that pose a threat to the health of the persons detained,” González acknowledged.

Earlier this week it used to be printed that a 5-month-feeble toddler had been hospitalized in North Carolina with pneumonia. Her migrant mother blamed the freezing prerequisites in CBP custody.

Coming as it does on Christmas Eve, the intervention of the UN computer screen falls at an ungainly time for an administration that has proved peaceable to accusations it shows heartlessness in direction of migrant teenagers. Trump backed down in June from his controversial policy of keeping apart families, after huge criticism at home and around the arena.

González acknowledged the exhaust of the detention of very young teenagers as a manufacture of deterrence against migration used to be no longer only “very problematic” it used to be additionally a violation of world law.

“You are invading a person’s rights as a methodology of securing public policy, and that shouldn’t be any longer cheap,” he acknowledged.

He added that he might possibly perchance be keeping a stop seek on unique ways being pursued by federal authorities, ostensibly to deter migrants attempting to pass into the US. CBP appears to be pursuing a deliberate policy of dragging its ft over the processing of asylum applications.

This week it used to be additionally announced that in future asylum seekers will most likely be returned to Mexico as they await choices about their claims.

González lamented the true fact that to this level his requests for access to the US border with Mexico had no longer got the blessing of the Trump administration. The UN computer screen has made two formal requests to be allowed to procure an honorable truth-finding seek the advice of with to detention centers and border patrol stations. There has been no answer from the protest division.

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