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TAMPA, Fla. — Most up-to-date cases of flesh-fascinating bacteria maintain left households with traumatizing experiences after spending time in the Florida waters. In precisely this year alone, loads of households maintain attain forward after their members of the family shriveled a flesh-fascinating bacteria.

Over the weekend, a Seventy seven-year-historical Florida woman died smartly-behaved per week and a half of after she

scraped her leg in the water while visiting Coquina Sea scoot


A day after her decrease, Lynn Fleming grew to turn out to be unwell and one blueprint or the opposite went to a properly being facility. She turn out to be as soon as identified with necrotizing fasciitis, the an infection most incessantly identified because the flesh-fascinating bacteria.

“You more or much less heard as soon as or twice, flesh fascinating disease, that more or much less grabs you, however you will never reflect that happens to you,” her son, Wade Fleming, informed ABC Chase News Monday.

Aid in April, a man from Ohio bought unwell and

developed a broad swelling on his left foot

after going on a boating mosey shut to Weedon Island.

“At the start, I thought maybe it turn out to be as soon as a sunburn,” he informed ABC Chase News in April.

Barry Briggs, from Waynesville, Ohio, turn out to be as soon as later identified with necrotizing fasciitis, smartly-behaved esteem Fleming. Briggs informed ABC Chase News that his surgeon believes it turn out to be as soon as vibrio vulnificus.


Based on the CDC, necrotizing fasciitis is uncommon, however folks with compromised immune programs maintain a more difficult time combating the an infection. The CDC says one in three folks who contract the flesh-fascinating bacteria will die.

ABC Chase News compiled usual and key knowledge you wish to clutch about vibrio vulnificus so that you just and your family will know kill steady out in the Tampa Bay space sun.


Necrotizing fasciitis is an an infection that could attain from loads of bacterias, definitely one of them vibrio vulnificus, which is regarded as as uncommon in Florida, per Florida’s Department of Successfully being.


Professors at University of South Florida sing us vibrio vulnificus thrives in warm water, on the opposite hand it’s most tremendous to purchase it’s continually in the water because it’s natural going down.

One an infection that could attain from vibrio vulnificus, is necrotizing fasciitis.

Vibrio could perhaps be in any water, on the opposite hand, it likes much less salt so it’s more standard in Tampa Bay than in the Gulf of Mexico.

It is commonest in March by December.


Florida’s Department of Successfully being tracks vibrio vulnificus — in 2018, there were forty two cases with nine deaths.

The instruct agency does not check waterways for vibrio, however they check cultures from folks who’re identified with the bacteria.


There are a option of things to return in to play to get vibrio, however some of those consist of immunocompromised folks who perhaps maintain chronic liver disease, kidney disease or weakened immune programs, per the DOH.


These with the weakened immune programs who maintain start cuts, or wounds maintain possibilities of getting vibrio, however the possibilities are uncommon. You maintain a bigger chance of getting struck by lightning.

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