Wacom releases rechargeable Bamboo Ink Plus for Windows 10 tablets – The Verge

Wacom is releasing a brand new stylus for pen-enabled Home windows 10 PCs that adds tilt pork up and a rechargeable battery. The new stylus, the Bamboo Ink Plus, supports both the Microsoft Pen Protocol (MPP) and the Wacom Active ElectroStatic (AES) protocol, which way the stylus is successfully excellent with devices from the MPP-supported Microsoft Ground laptops to the AES-supported Lenovo Thinkpad series of tablets. Customers can change to diversified protocols with out difficulty by holding both facet buttons.

No longer like the old Bamboo Ink, which required laborious-to-secure AAAA batteries, the Ink Plus is rechargeable by way of USB. Treasure the old model, the Plus furthermore has three diversified shining nibs (soft, medium, and firm), and has a triangular barrel which some artists secure more ergonomic.

The Bamboo Ink Plus retails for $99.ninety five, and is on the market now at Simplest Purchase, Microsoft stores, and wacom.com.

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