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Proper sooner than Friday’s premiere of Shaded Mirror: Bandersnatch, a trailer for the brand new Netflix film has arrived, and it already appears love the supreme, most heroic Shaded Mirror challenge to this point.

Bandersnatch appears to be a precursor to the series’ upcoming fifth season. Reportedly boasting extra than 5 hours of pictures, it’s successfully a mediate-your-have-adventure characteristic film, and fragment of Netflix’s most up-to-date foray into interactive television.

Netflix’s title page for Shaded Mirror: Bandersnatch describes it as “mind-bending, offbeat, and cerebral,” and the trailer indubitably teases all those ingredients. It manages to ask head-trippy and futuristic despite its retro ‘80s setting — a first for the series, which has in general taken space within the plot future. (Its simulated ‘80s episode, season three’s “San Junipero,” obtained two Emmys, so it’s tremendous to ask the articulate their own praises returning to the duration.)

The trailer additionally appears to maintain out the region summary detected by erstwhile Korean followers of Shaded Mirror, who translated key region small print leaked to Korean message boards as follows: “A younger programmer makes a memoir new into a sport. Soon, actuality and virtual world [sic] are blended and birth to make confusion.” Dunkirk’s Fionn Whitehead performs the younger programmer, who works for a firm that is aiming to turn out to be a “hit machine” for video video games. They’re adapting a e book entitled Bandersnatch, by a fictional author named Jerome F. Davies; basically based mostly fully on the trailer, Davies “went cuckoo and chop his necessary other’s head off.” And it appears love Whitehead’s persona therefore begins his have descent — it appears that after going off his meds to abolish a “bit of madness” for his work.

Each and each the film and the e book all the device by the film take hold of their title, “Bandersnatch,” from a legendary lengthy-legged, instant-enchanting, and ferocious creature with “frumious jaws,” created by Alice in Wonderland author Lewis Carroll. The creature is first mentioned in Carroll’s poem “Jabberwocky,” which appears in his mind-bending 1871 sequel to Alice, By the Taking a see Glass, and then makes one other look in his 1874 standalone poem “The Making an are trying of the Snark.”

Shaded Mirror: Bandersnatch is directed by David Slade, who gave us one in all Shaded Mirror season four’s most memorable and controversial episodes with “Metalhead” (the black-and-white one with the killer robotic dogs). Jabber what you may about that episode, it’s certain that Slade is primed and willing to speak us a thoroughly quintessential Shaded Mirror abilities. Notify a self-driving pizza and willing your self to exhaust the supreme weekend of 2018 diving down pop tradition’s darkest rabbit gap.

Shaded Mirror: Bandersnatch debuts Friday, December 28, on Netflix.

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