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Spoilers ahead for “Winterfell,” episode 1 of Game of Thrones, season Eight.

In Game of Thrones’ season Eight premiere, Arya Stark reunites alongside with her crush, Gendry, who’s also a blacksmith, and asks him to kind her a mysterious recent weapon. We handiest salvage a short scrutinize at a construct she’s drawn, however there are a couple of clues from Arya’s previous about what the weapon would possibly maybe maybe properly be.

Arya’s arsenal in all fairness paunchy already. In season 7, she got her fingers on a recent weapon, an unnamed dagger constituted of Valyrian steel, the identical one outmoded in an assassination wrestle her youthful brother, Bran Stark. She also has her sword, Needle, which Jon Snow gave her in season 1. That weapon has served her properly within the Water Dance sword preventing model, the place she has to be agile and rapid. But as she reminds Jon in “Winterfell,” it’s now not constituted of Valyrian steel, so it’d be ineffective in opposition to the undead White Walkers coming from the north.

Presumably, the recent weapon Arya is commissioning from Gendry would possibly maybe maybe lend a hand her face off in opposition to White Walkers from a safer distance, quite than having to get up near stab them alongside with her Valyrian dagger. We are going to have the flexibility to seem from the schematics that allotment of the weapon is constituted of dragonglass, a field material that kills White Walkers and wights. It also looks to be love the dragonglass allotment is removable and would possibly maybe maybe maybe level-headed even be fitted inner a protracted personnel-love weapon, both with a hilt on the opposite end, or one other stabby allotment.

We also know from Arya’s practicing in seasons 5 and 6 that she’s skilled with a personnel and with switching between weapons, as she does when she spars with Brienne of Tarth in season 7, with both Needle and her dagger. So the recent weapon she’s ordering would possibly maybe maybe maybe mix a personnel and a dagger, to capture paunchy generous thing about Arya’s practicing from diverse sources. And it suggests a weapon that would possibly maybe maybe alternate states one day of fight, in expose to invite extra inventive battle choreography.

She’s natty to be gearing up. Confidently, she’s now not the final observe one who will get a recent White Walker-preventing weapon this season. Jon brought home retail outlets of dragonglass from Dragonstone final season, so there would possibly maybe maybe maybe level-headed be a kind of field material to lunge round in crafting inventive weapons in opposition to the undead.

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