If you’d take care of to salvage a deer or an elk that has been struck and killed by a automotive, or no longer it is critical to observe these ideas.
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If you’d take care of to scoop a ineffective animal off the highway and produce it home for dinner, you’ll be allowed to total that in Oregon initiating January 1, 2019.

But there are some ideas to observe when placing off a aspect highway-killed deer or elk from the pavement to prance honest muster below a 2017 law that legalized salvage.

The Oregon Fish and Plants and fauna Charge will seemingly be requested to undertake the ideas all over a assembly Oct. 12 in Klamath Falls.

“It’s critical to repeat that folks are eating this at their very enjoy probability,” ODFW spokeswoman Michelle Dennehy mentioned. “It’s up to every person to take whether the meat is acceptable to thrill in.” 

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Here’s a breakdown of nine ideas to observe in exclaim for you to dine upon filet mig-roadkill, courtesy of an ODFW news release:

1. Simplest salvage the animals for consumption

Deer and elk unintentionally caught by a automotive might per chance per chance be salvaged for consumption easiest. Deliberately hitting a deer or elk in exclaim to salvage it stays unlawful. Oregon Pronounce Police might per chance per chance discover up if a ache appears suspicious.

2. It is required to total the enable

Any individual who salvages a aspect highway-killed deer or elk must total a free online enable within 24 hours and present files including their title, contact files, where and when salvage came about, species and gender of animal salvaged, and within the occasion that they had been the driver who struck the animal.

“The enable machine is meant to track the number of animals being salvaged,” Dennehy mentioned.

three. Head and antlers wants to be turned in

Antlers and head of all salvaged animals will need to be surrendered to an ODFW predicament of business within 5 industry days of taking possession of the carcass. This rule is meant to make a contribution to ODFW’s surveillance program for continual losing disease.

“Heaps of people close rep and promote antlers, and that’s no longer what this program is for,” Dennehy mentioned.

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4. Defend the carcass from the aspect highway

The final carcass of the animal including gut piles wants to be eliminated from the aspect highway and aspect highway factual of manner all around the salvage

5. If the animal is put down for suffering, easiest the motive force can salvage

In cases where a deer or elk is struck, injured after which put down to alleviate suffering, easiest the motive force of the automotive that struck the animal might per chance per chance salvage the carcass. Law enforcement wants to be straight away notified.

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6. Use at your enjoy probability

Any individual that salvages a deer or elk will delight in the meat at their very enjoy probability. The voice will no longer produce sport meat inspections for any deer or elk salvaged below these ideas.

7. Selling the meat is illegitimate

Sale of any piece of the salvaged animal is illegitimate, but transfer to one more person will seemingly be allowed with a written file equivalent to transferring sport meat. 

eight. The voice will not be any longer liable

The voice of Oregon will not be any longer accountable for any loss or destroy developing from the restoration, possession, utilize, transport or consumption of deer or elk salvaged.

9. Deer and elk easiest

This law easiest applies to deer and elk — no longer other animals. For files connected to what to total about animals take care of bears or mountain goats killed by vehicles, discover ODFW’s roadkill web page

“If this leads to animals that are unintentionally caught no longer being wasted, that’s a factual thing and the intent of the law,” Dennehy mentioned. “The aim is to put the meat to factual utilize, if possible.”

Zach Urness has been an launch air writer, photographer and videographer in Oregon for eleven years. He is the author of the ebook “Most productive Hikes with Kids: Oregon” and “Mountain climbing Southern Oregon.” He might per chance per chance be reached at or (503) 399-6801. Internet him on Twitter at @ZachsORoutdoors.

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